Address Staffing Shortages by Investing in A New Digital Platform

Michelle Lucas

May 18, 2021
address staffing shortages with digital platform

Most organizations with frontline operations are currently dealing with staffing shortages caused by the waning of the pandemic and sudden increase in demand. The complex safety protocols and the protracted vaccination rollout have made it hard to fill every position quickly.

As your team is interviewing and hiring new staff, investing in your current staff, systems and processes should receive equal attention. These areas can be autonomously humming along and, when the time is right, can bring the next wave of staff up to speed faster and more efficiently.

Create A Single Information Platform

Likely, most of your organizational data remain stacked in silos such as document storage, spreadsheets, email threads, paper, and other inefficient tools. Digitization helps shed the patchwork of disjointed information management systems and replace them with a single platform. It helps improve the efficiency of core organizational processes.

Standardize Ways of Working

Invest in better information platforms to leverage the knowledge and experience of the current employees. The standardization of processes across locations benefits your hiring and training and ramps up mastery of the skills needed for each job.

Digitization will result in the integration of processes leading to more efficiency and fast problem identification and resolution. New workers are likely to appreciate the structure, organization, and technology tools available to them.

The platform can help you:

  • Provide detailed work instructions with comprehensive checklists
  • Store and organize essential policies and procedures
  • Define, schedule, and assign recurring tasks
  • Integrate the training system with everyday work

Hire and Retain the Best Candidates

In a world where employees can share workplace experiences on social media and review sites, giving new hires great experiences is likely to work in your favor. New recruits who are impressed by the streamlined orientation and training process can market you as a great employer. It will be easier to retain such employees and develop them into leaders and good organizational citizens. This will save recruitment costs and give you an edge over competitors.

Scale Best Practices Across the Organization

Digital transformation facilitates a quick flow of information and knowledge across the organization. It is much easier to analyze and identify trends in aggregated data. This information can inform policies and procedures ranging from recruitment to employee training and development. For instance, you can use the data to identify the characteristics of top performers and use the information to guide recruitment and development decisions, resulting in enhanced organizational efficiency. 

Quick Roll-Out of New Systems and Processes

Digitization can help create a culture of change and innovation with the organization. The key to success is using the digital system to create a learning culture where employees seek new information and ways of completing tasks. The streamlined design can actualize this dream by providing a constant flow of new ideas and innovations.

Improve Employee Engagement

Digitization can help streamline ongoing performance reviews and feedback to ensure that employees are getting proper training, coaching, mentorship, and support. Managers and human resources can use the centralized data to identify areas of improvement for all employees. 

Digitization can also enhance the overall work experience by making processes and procedures clear and intuitive. It will reduce reliance on tacit knowledge to complete tasks. Employees who have clarity about their role and the overall vision are likely to be passionate about their job. 

Digitization can help improve employee communications by creating an internal communication system that holds employees accountable while empowering employees at the same time. This saves employees time wasted brainstorming or seeking assistance on mundane tasks. 

TrustPlace Boosts New Hire Productivity

TrustPlace provides a digital operating system that helps organizations boost new hire productivity through knowledge management and workflow. The TrustPlace system can help onboard employees plus provide a mobile-accessible system that can act as a bridge until mastery sets in.

Request a demo and talk to our experts about digitizing your operations today.

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