Announcing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting & Analytics Module

Brian Carpizo

January 19, 2022

Calculate & Reduce Carbon Emissions

TrustPlace Can Help Account for 100% of Your Carbon Emissions

Today we’re announcing the availability of our powerful and flexible solution for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) data collection and analytics, based on TrustPlace’s flexible no-code workflow platform and Advanced Analytics module.

Our method is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP), and covers Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.  Our solution automates and standardizes the often inconsistent, expensive, and people-intensive process of carbon accounting and analysis.

Designed to complement and adapt to your current sustainability program, TrustPlace is an enterprise-level solution that automates the detailed usage data collection process and produces multi-dimensional analytics for reporting.

Automate & Monitor Data Collection

Transparently Calculate eCO2 from Usage Data

Ditch the spreadsheets that form the basis of your GHG reporting by using TrustPlace’s Workflow engine to automate the collection of usage data at the lowest level of your reporting structure.

Assign data collection tasks to team members and automatically convert usage data into MT eCO2 (absolute emissions) and KG eCO2/sq ft (carbon intensity). 

Choose the level of detail, usage metrics tracked, and reporting interval (monthly, quarterly, yearly).

The data collection process in TrustPlace is similar to an accounting system – data collection entries have Open and In Process status. A “trial close” where data is reviewed and checked is used before closing a period. An audit trail for each entry tracks the changes to the data.

Automate data collection process
Review overall data collection progress

GHG KPIs & Drill Down

Summary Reports, Trends, & Detailed Insights

TrustPlace Advanced Analytics reports on your data using Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions categories.

Summary views at the Enterprise level or views by Region, State, and Property are supported.

Report MT eCO2 (absolute emissions) and KG eCO2/sq ft (carbon intensity) by Year/Quarter/Month.

Monitor trends over time and pinpoint outliers and top/bottom quartile performers.

Use machine-learning anomaly detection to find sudden changes in your usage that require explanation. 

Our Advanced Analytics module is highly customizable – so it compliments your existing sustainability program and easily adapts to changes over time.

GHG Usage Analytics

Full View of Energy Consumption & GHG Usage Data

The benefit of collecting usage data is evident when you view TrustPlace’s Usage Analytics dashboard – view insights that make sense in terms of the reporting unit of measure (kWh, MCF, gallons, miles, tons, etc).

You can compare against regions, divisions, properties, and benchmarks set for each measure.

View the detailed reporting history over time for each measure, which helps identify outliers and potential problems with the data gathered at the ground level.

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