Digitize Your Restaurant Manager’s Log (Redbook)

Michal Perconte

September 2, 2021

The manager’s log, sometimes called the Redbook, is one of your most useful and undervalued tools.

Too many restaurants don’t even use them, but they can make a huge difference to the smooth running of a restaurant, especially if there are multiple managers on duty at different times.

Why Should You Use a Redbook?

The primary function of the Redbook is to log what happens in each shift. When the new manager comes on shift, they can flick through the book and quickly find out what they need to know. This reduces the need for shift overlaps and ensures everyone has all of the knowledge. It also helps form the agenda for the manager’s meeting. Some other advantages of keeping a manager’s log include:

  • Ensure achievement of benchmarks 
  • Ensure that managers know basic things such as items that have been 86’d, repairs needed, supply shortages, employee issues, etc.
  • Making sure critical repairs get done. For example, if the toilets back up right at the end of the shift, the manager on duty may leave before the plumber arrives. The logbook makes sure that the manager coming on duty follows up properly.
  • Bring everyone up to date quickly on new policies and procedures.
  • Support accountability.
  • Track employee trends to spot a problem before it becomes a concern or to recognize a great employee.
  • Track the weather and seeing how it affects sales.

Redbooks can also be used to track customer feedback and even support your social media strategy.

Should You Digitize Your Redbook?

There are many limitations of a paper or document-based manager’s log. 

  1. Not Easily Shareable. A physical book is not easily sharable with others, including location staff, regional, and corporate leadership.
  2. Format Hard to Change. With a physical book, this might involve adding lines to the page and drawing templates or buying an entirely new book to support the new metric you are trying to track.
  3. Difficult to Analyze Data. A paper logbook is virtually impossible to analyze trends and provide insight from the aggregated information.
  4. Archival Storage. Digitizing your Redbook also means that the physical book can’t end up lost, falling off your patio into the harbor, etc. With a digital Redbook, it’s all backed up.

Digitizing Your Redbook with TrustPlace

TrustPlace provides a tool to digitize all of your restaurant operations, integrating the manager’s log with the rest of your work – like shift management, food safety, and facilities management.

Contact us to find out how TrustPlace can help you with a digital manager’s log solution that will help keep your restaurant running.

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