TrustPlace Releases The First IoT System of Action

Brian Carpizo

May 13, 2021
IoT System of Action

May 13, 2021 – Today Chicago-based TrustPlace announces the release of its IoT module, the first end-to-end “system of action” for intelligent monitoring of data from IoT sensors. Designed for frontline operations, the TrustPlace IoT module combines 1-click remote wireless device data connectivity with a powerful workflow engine that helps its customers respond intelligently to operational conditions.

What is IoT and Why it Matters for Operations

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about connected things and people. Today, running a business – smarter, faster, better – increasingly depends on harnessing data from IoT sensors and devices. But gaps exist to make this a reality: 1) complexity of the solution and 2) what to do with the data?

This week, we at TrustPlace released a simple but powerful solution to deploy over 80 different wireless sensors connected to our platform. TrustPlace acts as a “system of action” for IoT, triggering intelligent workflows to act against conditions surfaced by remote monitoring data. You literally can go from hardware installation to full integration with TrustPlace Workflow in less than 15 min.

IoT Sensors and Use Cases

We’ve partnered with Monnit, the global leader in IoT Remote Monitoring Solutions. Monnit provides the wireless gateway and over 80 different sensors. TrustPlace can also easily connect to other IoT platforms through our Sensor Data API.

Here is a sample of some of the wireless sensors you can deploy easily and inexpensively:

TrustPlace - The System of Action for IoT

One of the use cases we support is temperature monitoring – in this case, monitoring of a walk-in-cooler for a restaurant or foodservice company. Let’s take a look at an example:

Adding a Sensor & Rules

In TrustPlace, provisioning a sensor is simple. Just add the Sensor ID and it will pick up the streaming data from our Sensor Data API and displays on our IoT Sensor Dashboard.

Here is where you can provision which Property in your system it belongs to, as well as set rules (and Workflow) for set conditions.

In this example, we set a temperature alert at 45 degrees, and suppress repeat warnings for 2 hours.

The temperature alert rule triggers the “Walk in Cooler Temperature Warm” workflow. 

Workflow & Tasks - Taking Action

When the elevated temperature rule is triggered, a Workflow to troubleshoot and resolve the issue is created.

This contains several steps for the operations manager to potentially solve the problem before calling in a technician. 

The checklist also contains useful information:

  • What icing looks like
  • A troubleshooting video
  • Make and Model information
  • Service call information

Implement Intelligent IoT Today

This is not a future vision or something that requires a huge budgeted project or time commitment. It is here and now, and if you have been considering using remote IoT monitoring for your business, it is achievable today.

The TrustPlace IoT module is the simplest to set up and manage, as well as providing the workflow engine to power up your decision-making and ability to respond to conditions in the physical world.

Schedule a demo today if you are interested in deploying IoT to your operations.

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