Introducing The TrustPlace Light Mode User Interface

Michelle Lucas

February 15, 2021
trustplace light mode user interface

The TrustPlace Light Mode User Interface

When we originally developed TrustPlace, we chose a dark user interface (UI) because we felt it looked better and was easier to view. But we found that “we” missed the mark for some users.

We learned that this was a polarizing topic – some people loved one and hated the other. We couldn’t really get to the bottom of “why”. So while we were under the hood improving some UI components, we decided to offer users the ability to switch from dark mode to light mode based on their preference. Problem solved? We’ll see – the TrustPlace light mode user interface was released just this week and we’re in the process of gathering feedback.

Fan of Light Mode or Dark Mode? TrustPlace Now Has Both.

Head on over to your dashboard to see how it looks when you switch between modes. And let us know of any feedback you might have for us.

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