Middle Managers are the MVPs of Frontline Operations – Support Them!

Brian Carpizo

June 1, 2021
middle managers

4 Ways Digitization Supports The Middle Of Frontline Operations

Middle management provides a crucial link between executive leaders and frontline employees. They’re the doers. Middle managers offer inspiration, motivation, direction, and discipline to the frontline workers responsible for getting the work done.

But despite playing this crucial role, many CEOs don’t give frontline managers the attention they deserve. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, 77% of senior leaders acknowledge that frontline managers are vital for their businesses to succeed. However, only 12% feel their company invests enough resources, time, and money to equip them.

Industry experts warn that CEOs who don’t act now to change this trend risk losing thousands, if not millions of dollars in productivity, revenue, and high employee turnover. And one way to address this challenge is by digitizing frontline operations.

Here are 4 ways digitization supports the middle of frontline operations:

Improves Internal Communication

Poor communication costs business an arm and a leg. One study by Holmes shows that the cost of poor communication surpassed the $35 billion mark in the last decade. And the mode of communication used by top managers directly affects the performance of frontline managers.

Many companies use corporate email addresses to communicate. However, most frontline workers don’t have work emails. That means frontline managers have to share crucial info from senior managers in other forms and usually in bits.

For example, in retail stores, frontline managers may share information by word of mouth with full-time employees. This leaves out temp workers.

By digitizing frontline operations, businesses can opt for communication apps installed on smartphones. This way, managers can easily communicate with all frontline employees on their own devices while respecting their free time after work.

Promotes Informed-Decision Making

Having frontline managers that interact with staff and customers directly is a good thing. They’re able to promote customer loyalty, build your brand, and collect valuable feedback. When managers have a pulse of what their employees are doing and have completed, it leads to more productive customer conversations that result in better satisfaction levels. 

On the other hand, managers in the back office working on spreadsheets lose valuable teaching time. Digital platforms automate work, saving time for managers to do what they do best- building a rock star team and engaging customers.


Fosters Engagement And Workplace Collaboration

Frontline managers play a crucial role in determining employee engagement, health, and happiness. Gallup unraveled that managers are responsible for 70% of employee engagement. The study also found that many people quit their jobs because they don’t like their bosses.

By opting for digital solutions, you free up the many hours frontline managers spend on repetitive administrative roles like tracking things down. They can use that time to improve staff performance through coaching and training.

middle managers

Increases Employee Retention

Lack of proper training is one of the most cited reasons for employees leaving their jobs. And frontline managers are no exception.

According to a study by Deloitte, employees who feel they cannot develop in your company and achieve their career objectives are more like to quit. Training helps middle managers become more efficient in their interaction with frontline employees, customers, and executive leaders.

So instead of cutting back on training because you need frontline managers at work, embrace digitization. Technology can help you address staffing shortages by offering training to highly mobile workforces through tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Plus, your line managers access training materials and resources whenever they need them.

Key Takeaways

Middle managers play a pivotal role in any business. When adequately equipped, frontline operations become efficient, employee health improves, customer loyalty grows, and your business thrives.

At TrustPlace, we exist to help you automate frontline operations to empower your middle managers and, ultimately, all your employees. Our mobile-friendly digital solutions will unlock your team’s potential by improving internal communication, employee engagement, and workplace collaboration. Contact us today to schedule a demo.

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