New Data Collection Feature Released

Michelle Lucas

March 8, 2021

TrustPlace Data Collection has arrived!

To better support your organization in your digital transformation, we’ve added the ability for users to create no-code apps to collect any kind of data. This greatly increases the ability for users to plug digital gaps in their operations. (In the customer example above, a Senior Care facility is using TrustPlace to check each week that medical carts are adequately stocked.)

Data Collection - Setup & Usage

For TrustPlace users who are familiar with setting up Procedures with checklists, setting up Data Collection works in a similar manner. When you click to add a data collection item you are immediately brought to a window to fill out the field name and choose how you want data to be collected. You can pick from text responses, numerical responses, date/time or even provide a list of items for users to choose from. (No IT support required!)

When filling out data collection fields on the tasks page, an employee will see an icon on the right showing how many items need to be filled out. Clicking into the task, an employee can then toggle back and forth between data collection and checklists to complete their daily duties. 

New Public Data Collection Portal

We also added the ability to collect information from your customers or suppliers outside of TrustPlace. With our new Data Collection Public Portal you can easily publish forms or send them out via URL or QR code. When guests or suppliers fill out the information, answers are recorded as a standard TrustPlace Task for you to filter through when needed.

This flexibility to collect information from all parties gives you the ability to expand reach in your operations and further eliminate patchwork systems.

(The example on the right is for a TrustPlace customer who is managing online COVID-19 waiver forms for an in-person event. TrustPlace generates the form and manages the external responses in the standard Task interface.)

VTLA_DataCollection form
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