Frontline Operations Industries

TrustPlace is designed to support many different use cases in frontline operations, to augment current systems with detailed work instructions and standard operating procedures; or to digitize operations where there is no system.

Although TrustPlace fits into nearly every industry with physical frontline operations, we fit especially well into these industry groups that often have multiple physical locations:

Retail & Hospitality

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced many transformational changes upon retail, hotels, restaurants, & entertainment establishments serving the public. Health and Safety compliance is now at the forefront of operations, and change is the “new normal.” Digitization is a powerful operational tool for companies to emerge stronger and better equipped to manage disruption.

  • Staff Training. One of the drivers of operational success is the quality of staff training – during onboarding and in the context of work activities. TrustPlace addresses training in both of these modes.
  • Standard Operating Procedures. What is “Standard” for Retail & Hospitality has been redefined. TrustPlace drives operational consistency and quality at the frontlines.
  • Health and Safety Compliance. The “footprint” of health & safety compliance is larger due to the pandemic; new regulations are coming to harden our response to future events. TrustPlace helps manage compliance from corporate down to the frontline.

Health Care & Senior Care​

Health Care Clinics & Senior Care Communities handle health & wellness for a large part of the population, with staff on the frontlines every day. Quality of care, efficiency, & regulatory compliance depends on good operations. TrustPlace is built to help these establishments run better and safer by standardizing work processes, giving staff tools to do their jobs better.

  • Patient/Resident Care. Although TrustPlace is not an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, you can set up standard processes for handling treatment and resident protocols as well as audits and inspections.
  • Regulatory Compliance. The regulatory environment for Health and Senior care is complex and often difficult to maintain compliance. TrustPlace defines and tracks your compliance activities at each location.
  • Facilities & Asset Management. Health and Senior Care often have substantial physical facilities and assets/machines. TrustPlace helps staff use and maintain these critical parts of the operation.

Manufacturing & Industrial​

Manufacturing & Industrial companies are in the midst of a digital transformation known as Industry 4.0. Embedding intelligence & empowering workers with digital tools is now a standard best practice. TrustPlace provides the perfect complement for transactional systems and can plug crucial “digital gaps” in industrial operations.

  • Quality Management. Many quality management procedures in industrial companies are executed “off system” or locked up in long documents. TrustPlace systematically manages audits, inspections, FMEA, and corrective actions accessible at the frontlines.
  • Staff Training & Work Instructions. Many industrial companies still do not have easy ways to define “how” to work, along with the reference material for deeper problem-solving. TrustPlace facilitates the timely distribution of critical information.
  • Facilities & Maintenance Management. Many industrial companies face digital gaps in this area. TrustPlace’s Asset Management module drives better outcomes by placing procedures, checklists, & knowledge at the forefront, improving asset productivity and reducing downtime.
  • Compliance. Those industrial companies who have not fully digitized compliance processes will find in TrustPlace a way to better manage and report compliance with OSHA and other regulatory bodies.

Property Management & Construction

The front line of the “built world” are people who build & maintain our commercial/residential properties and infrastructure. A network of operations from the office to the field benefits from intelligent digital (and mobile) tools. TrustPlace digitizes standard work, inspections, maintenance – putting important information like drawing/plans, equipment checklists, and safety information at worker’s fingertips. 

  • COVID-19 Compliance. Workplaces are gradually returning to in-person mode. The amount of compliance requirements is difficult to manage. TrustPlace helps implement a fully digital compliance program with tools for property managers, promoting better efficiency.
  • Policy & Procedure Distribution. Most educational & child care establishments have dense, complex, and often inaccessible procedures and policy documents. TrustPlace helps by organizing these into a digital library and placed literally into the hands of staff.
  • Facilities & Maintenance Management. TrustPlace’s Asset Management module drives better outcomes by placing procedures, checklists, & knowledge management at the forefront.
  • Incident Management. Non-standard incidents are a way of life. For better management of these incidents, TrustPlace offers a way to systematically handle & track incidents.

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