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Last Updated on March 24, 2023

soup’or bowl NYC

111 1st st
New York NY, 11111

Last Updated on March 24, 2023

Property Information

Welcome back to Sam’s Steakhouse! We have made extensive preparations to reopen and have committed to ongoing vigilance in maintaining high standards for health and safety.

Our procedures have been developed to comply with the City of Chicago Phase IV reopening requirements, as well as those from the CDC, FDA, and the National Restaurant Association. You can view our comprehensive plan and the recorded compliance against our plan here on this site, and if you have any questions, please contact us.

We are happy to welcome you back. In order for us to promote the safest environment for all of our patrons and employees, we require the following from everyone who visits our establishment:

  • When entering Enzo, you are pledging that you are not currently exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms
  • Wear face coverings when entering and walking throughout the restaurant
  • You may remove your face covering at your table
  • Please maintain a 6 ft distance between you and other patrons at other tables

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soup’or bowl NYC

Leadership & Management

Marketing and Branding - Manager Daily 3

  • Display the sidewalk sign with the daily special
  • Send out social media posts about the chef's daily special
  • Place loyalty cards, take-out menus, coupons and flyers by the register and entrances

Employee Training & Onboarding

Employee TCS Food Training Event 3

  • Watch the attached video on TCS foods
  • Look over the attached infographic on TCS foods
  • Read the following card on TCS foods

Guest Interaction Training Event 2

  • Watch the attached video on the proper greeting
  • Read the following on follow-up service

Facility Upkeep

Facility Upkeep Weekly 6

  • Wash all windows
  • Pick up any trash outside in the surrounding landscaping
  • Empty outdoor trash cans
  • Test all fire alarm systems
  • Ensure all fire extinguishers are not expired
  • Check to see the thermostat is at 72 degrees

Work Order Form Event 2

  • Reach out to the location to schedule a work time
  • Resolved

Audits & Inspections

Food Safety Checklist Event 15

  • Are the premises in good order, including fully operational utilities and equipment? (e.g. electrical, lighting, gasnservices, and proper ventilation; hood systems for fire prevention; garbage and refuse areas; and toilet facilities)
  • Are the facilities checked for pest infestation or harborage, and are all pest control measures functioning?
  • Is potable water available throughout the facility?
  • Are the water and sewage lines working and hot/cold water available?
  • Are all water lines flushed, including equipment water lines and connections, according to the manufactureru2019s instructions?
  • Are ice machines and ice bins cleaned and sanitized?
  • Are all coolers, freezers, and hot and cold holding units functioning?
  • Are calibrated thermometers available and accurate to check equipment and product temperatures to ensure food safety/HACCP plans are executed as designed?
  • Has all food been examined for spoilage, damage, expiration, or evidence of tampering or pest activity? If needed, was such food appropriately discarded? Is food properly labeled and organized, such that receiving date and rotation is evident?
  • Are all food, packaging, and chemicals properly stored and protected from cross contamination?
  • Is your 3-compartment sink clean and equipped with detergent and sanitizer?
  • Is your warewasher clean and functioning and equipped with detergent and sanitizer (single temperature machine, 165u00b0F) or reaches 180u00b0F rinse (high temperature)?
  • Do you have sanitizer test strips available and are the test strips appropriate for the sanitizer being used?
  • Are paper towels and trash cans available in the bathrooms so doors can be opened and closed without touching handles directly?
  • Are all the handwashing sinks functional and able to reach 100F minimum?

Regional Manager Site Inspection Event 42

  • Employees Parking Far From Building
  • Parking lot/ Sidewalk Cleanliness
  • Landscaping - clean, well groomed, healthy
  • Parking lot structure is clean
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Exterior signage visible and lights up properly
  • All products face forward, pull forward, organized, dated, and rotated
  • Open products in clean container, covered with name and open date
  • Shelving clean, no rust
  • Floor clean, dry and in good repair
  • No slip, trip of fall hazards present
  • Walls and celing clean and in good repair
  • All products elevated 6" off the floor
  • No dented cans
  • No product blocking the hallway or door
  • Door including gasket clean and good repair
  • All lighting working and to specification (100 watt) with protective covering
  • Evaporator fan covers & coils clean
  • All products at or below 40u00b0
  • Open products covered with name and date
  • Grill clean and in good condition with no missing grates, clean drip pan
  • Toaster and shelf clean and works
  • Exhaust area clean
  • Exhaust filters clean with no spaces
  • Griddle clean
  • Floor mats clean and placed in appropriate areas
  • Plate and glassware area cleaned and organized
  • Presoaking of silverware
  • Dish machine clean without lime build up
  • Nothing stored on top of dish machine
  • Appropriate chemicals present for cleaning and disinfecting
  • Employee restrooms clean, stocked and in good repair
  • All employes are in proper uniform with slip resistant shoes
  • Employees using gloves / washing hands regularly
  • First Aid kit stocked
  • Fire extinguishers charged
  • All tables properly set up
  • Main walkway clean
  • Beverage station fully stocked with essentials
  • Condiment station stocked with forks, spoon, straws, ketchup, and napkins
  • All artwork is straight and clean
  • Customer restrooms are clean and stocked with essentials

CAPA for Missed Regional Inspection Item Event 0

    Weekly Inventory Check Weekly 1

    • Certify all items are properly stored 6" off the ground

    Health Inspection Checklist Monthly 14

    • An approved source is licenced by te county, state or federal government
    • Food is inspected and found to be free from contamination, adulteration and spoilage
    • Unpacked foods which have been served or returned from the dining area are discarded
    • All foods are stored a minimum of 6" off the floor
    • Restrooms are not used for the storage of food, equipment, or supplies
    • Adequate protection is provided for all paper products
    • Food is being protected from dirt, unnecessary handling, over-head leakage, and other forms of contamination
    • All food storage containers have proper covers and are properly labeled
    • Foods are dispensed in the self-serve area in an approved manner
    • The use of sulfites in perishable foods is prohibited
    • Food products are labeled and stored in non-toxic containers
    • Keep raw foods separate from cooked foods
    • Shellfish tags kept for 90 days , warning signs posted
    • Potentially hazardous foods are maintained below 41u00b0F or above 135u00b0F.

    CAPA - Food Storage Problem Event 0

      Food Safety CAPA Event 0

        Daily Operations

        Closing Cleaning Checklist - Front of House Daily 9

        • Wipe down and sanitize all tables and chairs
        • Flip chairs on top of tables
        • Pull floor mats from entryway for cleaning
        • Clean any major spills, in the dining area and on walls
        • Sweep the dining area
        • Mop the dining area
        • Replace Mats
        • Clean the cold wells, hot wells and the food line
        • Take out the trash to the dumpster

        Opening Cleaning Checklist - Front of House Daily 6

        • Clean and sanitize the windows, tables and all surfaces
        • Wipe down the walls if neccessary
        • Sweep or vacuum floors all floors in the front of house
        • Assure that trash bins are empty, cleaned and filled with a fresh bag
        • Disinfect the toilet, Wipe down the sink, Restock soap, paper towels, and other essentials
        • Clean the POS system with a sanitation wipe

        Reception / Hostess Closing Checklist Daily 7

        • Chairs and tables are in the correct position
        • Turn on rear hall lights to the restrooms
        • Silverware is prepared for the following day
        • Collect all menus and put in proper place
        • Remove extra inserts from menu
        • Remove all daily specials from walls or signs
        • Clean the front hostess and waiting area

        Opening Cleaning Checklist - Back of House Daily 4

        • Wipe down and clean all food prep areas
        • Sweep and vacuum all floors
        • Clean all equipment thoroughly
        • Wipe down walls where spills or splashes may have got on the wall

        Closing Cleaning Checklist - Back of House Daily 9

        • Wipe down and sanitize all food prep areas
        • Pull floor mats from back entrance and in the back of house
        • Sweep the back of house and dry good storage
        • Clean and major spills on the floor or splashes on the walls
        • Clean all grills, hoods, fryers, and other equipment
        • Mop the floors in the back of house
        • Clean all pans and set on drying rack in an orderly fashion to dry
        • Stack all clean pans, dishes in the appropriate area
        • Take out the trash to the dumpster

        Red Book Items

        Daily Staff Performance Daily 0

          Customer Feedback Event 0

            Daily Manager's Log (Redbook) Event 2

            • Review and list in comments
            • Review and list in comments
            Note: This information is self-reported and managed solely by the Property.