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trustplace light mode user interface
Introducing The TrustPlace Light Mode User Interface

The TrustPlace Light Mode User Interface When we originally developed TrustPlace, we chose a dark user interface (UI) because we felt it looked better and was easier to view But we found that “we” missed the mark for some users...

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level up senior care
Beyond the Storm: Tech Can Level Up The Senior Care and Assisted Living Industry

Among those who’ve felt the pandemic’s impact the most are the residents and staff of senior care homes and facilities The pandemic stress-tested the senior care sector’s operational capabilities, and heroic levels of effort and...

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digitizing frontline operations quality
The Best Laid Plans – The Quality Case for Digitizing Frontline Operations

Unforced Errors As operations managers, none of you set out to make quality mistakes, and neither do your staff More than 3,400 nursing homes were fined for non-compliance with infection control and failure to report during the first part of the...

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digital checklists in operations
The Power of Digital Checklists in Operations

Digital Checklists – The Next Killer App for Operations Large businesses, institutions, and service providers are complicated machines where continuous and simultaneous management of all the moving parts is essential to continued function It...

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hotel reopening during covid-19
Transparency Improves Hotel Reopening During COVID-19

Reopening Hotels During COVID-19 As a crucial link between tourists and the businesses they support, hotels are necessary to the revival of many local economies While much of the world has gone virtual, there are still many business transactions...

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