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Last Updated on April 2, 2021

Chicago Floyd’s Barbershop – Lincoln Park

222 clark
chicago il, 60605

Last Updated on April 2, 2021

Property Information

This is the detailed plan of our covid-19 reopening plan to keep our workplace, our staff and our patrons safe

Must wear a mask

Please respect social distancing guidelines

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Chicago Floyd’s Barbershop – Lincoln Park


Employee Feedback Questionairre Event 0

    Daily Operations

    Certify all Health & Safety Visual Guidance is Present Daily 2

    • Prominently display visual guidance which covers hand washing, physical distancing and PPE. The guidance should be displayed at highly used locations entrance to the facility, restrooms, recreation areas, etc.
    • Display guidance and/or communicate through email the senior facility site rules

    Morning Shift Checklist Daily 8

    • Turn on wax pot
    • Make coffee, water, and hot water and make sure coffee area is clean and stocked with supplies
    • Fold towels left from the night before
    • Begin washing any dirty towels/smocks and start drying and towels/smocks that have been washed
    • Empty all trash cans and hair bins
    • Display hand sanitizer at the main entrance as well as the front desk.
    • Display the social distancing signs at the main entrance, the front desk, and the door to the common area.
    • Make sure Display markers for 6 feet of social distancing are on the ground

    Midday Daily Checklist Daily 5

    • Wipe down the product bottles and the counter tops
    • Straighten the dryers
    • Check bathroom to make sure they are stocked and cleaned
    • Replenish towels and paper dispensers as well as soap dispensers that need to be refilled
    • Load dishwasher

    Closing Checklist Daily 2

    • Straighten up the front area - put magazines in their proper place
    • Clean down all chairs and sweep the floors


    Monthly Cleaning/Maintenance Check Monthly 5

    • Dust all vents with a dry cloth that are reachable by ladder
    • Dust corners in the breakroom
    • Clean inside of storage cabinets
    • Clean outside of storage cabinets
    • Clean cabinets and sinks in the restrooms

    Regional Inspection Event 3

    • Emergency Telephone Numbers are posted and accessible, where they can be found quickly
    • Clear signs marking exits from the building
    • The employeru2019s Summary of Occupational Injuries and Illness (Cal/OSHA Log 300) is posted

    Covid-19 Protocols

    Covid Waiver Form Event 0


      Manager Morning Responsibilities Daily 1

      • Send out a social media post about the special for that day
      Note: This information is self-reported and managed solely by the Property.